Morning Routine Bundle

💧 Absorb essential nutrients.
💧 Support of repair and health of joints, tendons.
💧 Supports normal nerve and muscle function.

AED 675.00

Product Description

Morning Routine Bundle from Revive

The way you start your morning off can make or break the remainder of your day. We’ve put together three of our favorite supplements to set the tone for a healthy and productive day. Our Favorite Morning Routine stack consists of our best selling Daily Greens Powder, Collagen, and Magnesium Glycinate.

We believe getting your body and mind in the right place is the best way to take on the day. This begins with a clear train of thought, relieved of all stress from our Magnesium Glycinate. Followed up with a blend of beauty and digestive care our Collagen and Daily Greens Powder provide. Blend these two together in your favorite shake or smoothie for an internal and external health boost. From improved skin quality to aid with digestion, these two supplements provide what you need to go about your day.

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