Discomfort Relief Bundle

💧 Promote a healthy immune system.
💧 Support of repair and health of joints, tendons.
💧 Provide natural pain relief.

AED 750.00

Product Description

Discomfort Relief Bundle from Revive

Relieving discomfort of your joints and muscles requires support from multiple angles. From controlling inflammation levels to supporting cartilage health, it only takes one piece to be out of place for pain to set in. Our Discomfort Relief stack works to support relief through multiple pathways.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in the herb turmeric, has become a well-known remedy for lowering levels of inflammation within the body. In our Turmeric+ formula we’ve paired this with a variety of natural, proven ingredients to work synergistically for maximum absorption and effectiveness. Regulating inflammation sets the stage for discomfort relief function, then our Collagen comes into play to support the growth and repair of cartilage. To top it off, PEA seals the deal by assisting with lowering inflammation levels and reducing discomfort naturally.

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