Daily Essentials Bundle

💧 Support bone health.
💧 Supports normal nerve and muscle function.
💧 Promote joint & cardiovascular support.

AED 520.00

Product Description

Daily Essentials Bundle from Revive

When it comes to daily health, the areas that need extra care can stretch far and wide depending on the individual. Our Daily Essentials bundle puts an emphasis on improving some of the most common challenges faced by individuals. These three supplements work to fight inflammation, cope with stress, and correct vitamin deficiencies.

Our antioxidant-loaded Turmeric+ lays the foundation for the body to thrive by lowering inflammation levels to ease pain and tension from within. To ensure these inflammation levels stay at a minimum, Magnesium Glycinate works to regulate and control stress levels. Lastly, Vitamin D completes this bundle to correct the common vitamin deficiency that most people experience at some point throughout their lifetime.

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