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Key Facts About BSCG Certifications

When it comes to nutritional supplements, quality is now more important than ever. BSCG certification allows brands to promote their dedication to making quality supplements and distinguish themselves from other non-BSCG certified brands.

Established in 2004, BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) is one of the most prominent third-party certification and testing providers. 

BSCG offers brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors an unconventional way to differentiate their products by providing consumers and athletes with the assurance that they’re consuming a safe and tested product. Today, BSCG offers multiple certification programs, including BSCG Certified Drug-Free, BSCG Certified Quality, BSCG Certified GMP, and BSCG Certified CBD.

A Closer Look at BSCG Programs

BSCG Certified Drug-Free

BSCG's essential program offers the most all-inclusive evaluation menu in the industry, protecting both athletes’ and ordinary consumers' well-being. These gold-standard lab tests cover more than 200 banned substances in sport, over 200 over-the-counter prescriptions, and illegal drugs that no other program covers. 

They test for narcotics on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List as well as other banned substances on the sports and military drug-testing lists. 

Furthermore, BSCG is also the only provider to offer assurances for animal supplements, with testing covering more than 1,000 drugs banned in canine and equine sport. This program involves a robust review process that assesses labels, formulas, claims, and compliance.

BSCG Certified Quality 

BSCG certified quality helps address the most significant issue in health-conscious users' minds: the quality of a purchased product. To ensure that what is listed on a product label is indeed in the product, companies must ensure quality at every step in their process, from the purity of the raw materials to manufacturing methods, and finally to the finished product. BSCG Certified Quality tests for quality and purity by concentrating on ingredient integrity, label claim attestation, and environmental pollutants like pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and microbial agents.

BSCG Certified GMP 

A Closer Look at BSCG Programs

This program offers a novel approach to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), going beyond the standard control list. BSCG GMP focuses on the most common breaches seen in FDA audits over the last few years. 

BSCG’s GMP program provides several benefits not found anywhere else. For example, the program allows downstream buyers to license the BSCG Certified GMP approval seal for packages and marketing efforts as long as they remain certified. 

BSCG Certified CBD 

This program is the first third-party certification program on the planet to offer banned substance assurance to the CBD (hemp) supplement industry. BSCG Certified CBD is a unique all-encompassing program that provides a comprehensive compliance solution to manufacturers, brands, and suppliers. 

In this comprehensive program, BSCG conducts sustained testing on banned substances in sports and verifies the cannabinoids content in CBD products while applying a quotidian limit on THC for drug-testing assurance. Furthermore, they confirm that CBD products do not contain various contaminants, including pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and microbial agents. 

The primary certification process covers inspections of product labels and claims, verifies CBD sourcing, and assesses the quality control process for Good Manufacturing Practices compliance.


BSCG offers a comprehensive series of certification, testing, and GMP compliance assistance to the dietary supplement and natural wellness product industries. Companies like Revive AE strive to match their standards in order to provide top of the line products. Especially for supplements meant to aid in recovery and organ health

With a base in anti-doping and sports drug testing, BSCG offers the gold standard in critical testing to finished product from brands, suppliers, manufacturing facilities, teams, leagues, or other consumers that want to ensure that the quality of their products meets industry standards and that they are not contaminated with synthetic additives or other agents that may lead to health concerns or positive drug tests.


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