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10 Facts About Third Party Certification

Supplements help support your diet and healthy lifestyle with the right micronutrients for daily health and wellbeing. But without third-party testing, your supplements might not be as effective as you imagine. Third-party certification is an information sheet proving that the supplements have been sent away for testing by an unaffiliated company to ensure the supplements do what they say they do safely.

Want to know more about third-party accreditation? Here are 10 quick facts about third-party tested products to bring you up to speed.

Third-Party Testing Offers Confidence to Consumers

What is certification testing? Third-party testing ensures quality and safety. Third means it is an organization entirely separate from either the manufacturer or retailer of the supplements. By providing an independent certificate to prove the quality of the supplements, third-party tested products allow consumers to make informed decisions and buy with confidence.

Some Form of 3rd Party Certification has Existed for a Century

The earliest forms of 3rd party certification came about in the early 20th century. At this time, they were about food quality and standards. For example, proving that meat was Kosher was one of the first official food certification programs. Today, certification applies to thousands of products, and trusted supplement suppliers can provide their accreditation upon request.

Reputable Supplement Providers Will Be Transparent About Third-Party Testing

It shouldn’t be tricky to find out if your supplement provider has 3rd party certification. First, check the product information on their website or in their brochures. If it’s not immediately apparent, drop them a line and ask them to provide a link to their 3rd party test certificate. If they can’t respond adequately, these might not be the supplements you’re looking for.

Labels Might Not Give the Whole Story

Labels Might Not Give the Whole Story

Product labels can often have beautiful and striking imagery, which may appear to the casual eye as if many awards or certificates are attached to the product. However, supplement labels can be misleading, leading to the FDA sending out at least 20 warning letters to supplement providers in 2020 alone. Third-party certification cuts through any confusing labels and puts your mind at ease.

Third-Party Certification Must Come from Reputable Labs

Laboratories that perform third-party testing should have their own websites or informational brochures and not be secretive about how they perform their tests. Many will proudly state their services and accomplishments as, of course, it’s in their interest to be reputable and trustworthy.

Independent Third-Party Testers Often Work for a Range of Organizations

Many 3rd party testing labs perform tests for various organizations, including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare providers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Government agencies
  • Supplement providers
  • Beauty product manufacturers

You can find out more by checking out the lab sheets of your supplement provider to find out which product-testing organizations they use. That will give you an insight into what other third-party products this lab tests.

Certification Meaning: What 3rd Party Labs Check For

What is third-party testing, and what does a third-party check for when they test supplements? Third-party testing labs can check several factors, including:

  • Purity – no unnecessary additives
  • Stability – will the supplement have the shelf life required?
  • Effectiveness – does this supplement have the desired effect and no unwanted side effects?
  • Reactiveness – to ensure the supplement won’t react with other chemicals the consumer might be taking, or to ensure that the label reflects any potential reactions correctly

Some specific certification schemes like NSF International check that supplements won’t inadvertently show up on a dope screening test for athletes – something which could prevent athletes from performing in competitions if the testing is not done correctly.                                                                  

Third-Party Testing Helps Ensure Label Accuracy

We mentioned above that supplement companies can get into trouble – with serious legal ramifications – when their labels are misleading. Third-party testing can be used to ensure label accuracy, checking that what is in the supplements matches what the label states. That has added benefits, as highlighted in our next two facts.

Third-Party Testing Checks for Additives and Contaminants

Many supplements only work as expected if they stick to stringent and accurate amounts of the micronutrients within. For example, vitamins K2 and D3 work synergistically, meaning that it makes sense, scientifically, to put them together in the correct amounts. If other unwanted chemicals make their way into these supplements, it could seriously disrupt the effectiveness of the capsules. That’s why 3rd party labs check for any contaminants and ensure that all supplements with certification have precisely the right amounts of micronutrients in them– and nothing else.

Third-Party Certification Helps Those With Allergies and Sensitivities

Anyone with allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients knows that buying food and supplements can be challenging – especially when you’re unsure if you can trust the label. Viewing the third-party certificate for a supplement shows it’s been tested to match the label ingredients, avoiding any nasty surprises later down the line.

All Revive AE supplements undergo stringent testing by a third-party organization in the United States to guarantee purity, quality, and safety for consumers. Which is especially important with supplements made to help with recovery and joint health. If you ever want more information on how safe and effective our supplements are, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help you out.


What is 3rd party testing for supplements? Third-party testing means a laboratory independent from the supplement provider has thoroughly tested supplements for safety and effectiveness. This certification process allows consumers to choose supplements wisely and buy with confidence.


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