Digestion Bundle

💧 Help increase overall fiber intake.
💧 Support the Integrity of the Gut Lining.
💧 Promotes Regularity and Bowel Function.

AED 710.00

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Digestion Bundle from Revive

Daily digestive care starts with establishing a healthy gut. In order to achieve this, we must work to reverse the damages we’ve done over the span of our lifetime. Our Digestive Support stack works to cleanse the gut and create a healthy daily ritual to maintain this new level of care.

Revive GI+ acts as both a remedy and preventative medicine to correct any imbalances found within the gut. The natural compounds that we utilize in GI+ offer protection to the lining of the gut, improves GI immune function, and promotes the production of healthy bacteria to restore balance.

Pair this with our Daily Greens Powder that provides your body naturally derived organic ingredients in a convenient powder form. Every serving blends 23 fruits and vegetables to provide additional digestive support, making this a truly versatile and effective addition to anyone's daily routine. Complete this stack with our Fiber to keep things moving along smoothly and stay regular.

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