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AdrenalCORE Support Supplement Capsules - 60ct Expires December 2021 - 40% OFF

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يأتي الإجهاد بأشكال عديدة يمكن أن تؤدي إلى استجابة الجسم للضغط. يتكون نظام الاستجابة للضغط في الجسم من المحور الوطائي -النخامي -الكظري (HPA). يؤدي الإجهاد المطول إلى تشغيل محور HPA. يتم عرض هذه الاستجابة الطبيعية للضغوط الخارجية على ثلاث مراحل: الإنذار والمقاومة والإرهاق. للمساعدة في هذه العملية الدورية، قمنا بتطوير AdrenalCORE.

تمت صياغة مكمل Adrenal core المميز لدينا لدعم محور HPA صحي من خلال تعزيز مقاومة الجسم للإرهاق والمساعدة في الحفاظ على مستويات الكورتيزول وDHEA المتوازنة. مصنوعة من مكونات مختارة مدرجة في شفافية كاملة، يمكن أن تقلل من الإجهاد، وتعزز مستويات الطاقة الصحية، وتساعد في الأداء العقلي الشامل دون استخدام المكونات الاصطناعية أو المواد الكيميائية الضارة.

الاستخدام المقترح: كمكمل غذائي، تناول كبسولتين نباتيتين (2) مع 8-12 أونصة سائلة من الماء. يفضل تناوله مع الوجبة.

Each Serving Contains:Amount per Serving:
Vitamin A150 mcg
Vitamin C200mg
Vitamin E13.4mg
Niacin USP20mg
Vitamin B630mg
Vitamin B12200mcg
Pantothenic Acid350mcg
Adrenal Concentrate220mg
Eleuthero Root Extract100mg
Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract100mg
Schisandra Berry Extract100mg
Licorice Root Extract75mg

Our adrenal gland supplements can help maintain healthy stress response systems. When used as suggested, Revive’s AdrenalCORE may:

  • Improve stress resilience
  • Support healthy energy levels
  • Support the body’s natural stress response
  • Improve mental and physical performance
  • Maintain healthy cortisol & DHEA levels

Have questions? Feel free to contact our customer support team. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ingredient Benefits

  • Adrenal Concentrate - Adrenal concentrate is extracted from the adrenal glands of bovine. Traditionally, people have used adrenal extracts to improve adrenal function, lower cortisol, and support stress resilience.
  • Eleuthero Root Extract - Also known as Siberian ginseng (scientific names: Eleutherococcus senticosus or Acanthopanax senticosus), Eleuthero has been a staple ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine for treating fatigue. Eleuthero has been studied in animals and humans for its ability to promote endurance performance, mental focus, immune health, and decreased levels of fatigue.
  • Rhodiola Rosea - Rhodiola Rosea is a perennial flowering plant that grows in cold mountainous regions of Asia and Europe. The dried extract has been used for centuries to reduce fatigue and the physical effects of stress on the body. Notably, Rhodiola is the primary herb approved for stress relief by the European Medicines Agency’s Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products due to its documented ability to reduce cortisol and boost energy safely.
  • Schisandra Berry Extract - Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) is part of the vine family and is indigenous to China and parts of Russia. Though lacking clinical research, animal data has demonstrated Schisandra’s ability to reduce corticosterone (the version of cortisol for many animal species) and combat “adrenal fatigue” linked to stress, anxiety, and strenuous exercise.
  • Licorice Root Extract - The licorice plant is native to southern Europe and Asia. Traditionally, it has been used in folk medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. Animal research suggests that some of the active compounds found in licorice root contribute to decreased exercise-induced fatigue.

Like all Revive products, our adrenal gland supplement has been made with the highest-quality ingredients to promote healthy adrenal function. Made with the guidance of medical professionals for real results and your peace of mind.

Our adrenal support supplements are for men and women of all ages. Our AdrenalCORE product is an excellent choice for those with low energy levels or adrenal function. Daily use of this supplement can help improve energy levels, and overall mental performance.

It is a chemical extracted from the adrenal glands of bovine which are used to improve its function, helping with issues related to fatigue, stress, and lack of energy.

Although not a diagnosis recognized by conventional medicine, “adrenal fatigue” is a term used to describe alleged underperforming adrenal glands in response to chronic stress. Symptoms can include tiredness, depression, inability to concentrate, stimulant cravings, and insomnia. Some researchers and doctors believe that symptoms attributed to “adrenal fatigue” arise from processes involving the HPA axis, among other systems. The ingredients in AdrenalCORE are commonly used ingredients that have been routinely and traditionally used to prevent symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Our adrenal supplements are meant to be taken orally with water, preferably with a meal. We recommend following the suggested use on our label for specific serving sizes or consulting with your doctor for more personalized results.

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