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AED 145.00

Introducing Ashwagandha as a part of our individual ingredient series. Made with natural ashwagandha root extracts (KSM-66), this product has been formulated to help regulate stressful environments, recovery, and energy levels.

Helps mange stress
Aids in recovery
Regulates Energy Levels
Patented KSM-66 extract
Daily Greens Powder
Daily Greens Powder
Daily Greens Powder
AED 245.00

Our NEW Daily Greens formula provides improved beneficial nutrients from more berries, fruits, and vegetables to support a healthy and balanced diet. Now in Fresh Berry and Chocolate flavor.

Daily Natural Fiber sources
Fresh Berry or Chocolate Taste
Benefits of greens and fruits
Cellular and liver detoxification
Women's Health
Women's Health
Women's Health
AED 200.00

Try the best supplements for women from Revive MD to increase your energy and slow down physiological changes. Use women’s health vitamins at key points in your life.

Lowering SHBG Caused By Birth Control
Decrease Bloating From Estrogen Imbalances
Decrease Acne Caused By Hormonal Imbalances
Aids In Returning To Homeostasis
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أعشق مكمِّل الخضار اليومي. فمن دونه ما كنت لأحصل على حصتي اليومية من الخضراوات الخضراء. هذا المنتج مفيد جدًا.

Richard G.

إنها أفضل تركيبة مطروحة في السوق من أجل صحة الكبد. بدأت بتناول هذا المكمل منذ بضعة أشهر.

Michael J.

لقد أفادني هذا المنتج كثيرًا، إذ أثّر إيجابًا على مزاجي وخفّف من تقلباتي المزاجية وساعدني على التعامل مع مشاعر القلق التي تنتابني.

Saturno S M.